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If You Give ANNUALLY, then NOW is the Time to Take a Closer Look at the iCLAT - Before Interest Rat

As interest rates begin to slowly rise, NOW is the time to explore whether the iCLAT is an effective charitable planning tool for you, your clients, or the important donors to your charitable organization! By NOW, I mean 1st & 2nd quarter 2018. The IRS 7520 Rate has slowly increased from 2.4% to 3.0% over the past few months (3% is the March 2018 IRS 7520 Rate). Almost all economic indicators suggest that this trend will only continue to increase in the months to come. Is it important to know that, as the IRS 7520 rate increases, the very large "accelerated" charitable income tax deduction produced by the iCLAT (or all forms of charitable lead trusts - for the that matter) will decrease. So, lock in the "accelerated" 2018 charitable income tax deduction NOW before the income tax savings start to decrease.

In the world of CLT planning, the iCLAT is intentionally designed for income taxes! As a result, it is exponentially simpler to explain, create, fund, and administer during its term, in comparison to all other types of charitable lead trusts. From a technical/legal perspective, the iCLAT is simply a "reversionary" charitable lead annuity trust which is a "grantor trust" for federal income tax purposes.

Please visit our website to learn more. It brings me great joy to announce that I and my incredible team have created the "iCLAT Suitability Scorecard" on our website. It asks 12 simple questions to help assess if the iCLAT is a good planning tool for you, your clients and/or the donors to your charitable organization. You can click here to use the iCLAT Suitability Scorecard. There is absolutely no obligation or fee to use this free resource. We do not ask for your name or any personal information, and your answers will always be kept completely anonymous and confidential. If you don't want to provide us with an email address or telephone number for any reason, then you can provide us with a fax number for sending you our complimentary written evaluation of your iCLAT Scorecard results. You (and/or your advisors) can review this written evaluation to help determine if the iCLAT is a proper charitable planning tool for you to further explore.

I am the Founder of President of iCLAT Solutions, LLC along with its parent company, Effectual Giving, LLC. I'd be delighted to communicate with you directly if you have any specific questions concerning the iCLAT. You can email me directly at, or you can call my office at (386) 944-9641 to schedule a complimentary conference call with me. I hope to connect with you soon!

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