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Individual Givers
     Since the iCLAT, like all charitable lead trusts, makes ongoing charitable payments on an annual basis (or a more frequent basis) over a specific period of time, it is best suited for givers or supporters who already make regular annual gifts to one or more charities, or who plan to make such gifts in the near future.  Of course, in order to benefit from the large immediate charitable income tax deduction generated by the iCLAT (under §170 under the Internal Revenue Code), one needs to have  a high level of adjusted gross income (AGI) in the current year.  There are many situations that can cause a giver to have a high level of income in a particular year.  Additionally, if you are one of the 250,000+ givers across the country who have already established your own donor advised fund or private foundation, then you can name your current donor advised fund as the recipient of part or all of the recurring charitable payments from the iCLAT.