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FREE Custom iCLAT Illustration
1. Do you CURRENTLY make recurring annual gifts to one or more charitable organizations (including to your church or other place of worship, your donor advised fund, and/or your private foundation)?
2. If you answered "NO" for question #1, do you PLAN TO START MAKING charitable gifts on a recurring annual basis in the near future?
3. What amount do you give (or plan to start giving) on a recurrring annual basis to your preferred charities (including to your church or other place of worship, your donor advised fund and/or your private foundation?
4. What amount do you estimate your income will be for the current taxable year (including any "spike increase" income event such as sale of property/business, a Roth IRA conversion, stock options, Schedule K-1 income, or large distribuion from qualified retirement assets)?
5. For you, how "normal" or "common"is the level of income that you selected above in Question #4?
6. Please select the types of income included in the amount specified cribed in Question #4 (select all that are applicable).
7. Select any of following events that you expect to occur in the NEXT 3 YEARS? Select all that apply.
9. Select your preferred type of assets for purposes of funding the iCLAT shown on your iCLAT Illustration
13. If referred by an advisor or professional/third party, would you like us to send your iCLAT Illustration to them as well?

All information provided will be kept private and confidential at all times.  This info only requested so that we can promptly determine whether the iCLAT is an appropriate charitable planning strategy for you, and if so, then prepare an ideal custom iCLAT Illustration for your initial review.  You are not required to provide your name to us, or your email address for that matter.  However, email is our preferred manner of providing your iCLAT Illustration results to you.  If you prefer to remain anonymous at this time, please provide us with a fax number, or perhaps the email address or fax number of your financial planner or accountant as an alternative means of sending the requested iCLAT Illustration to you.     

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