Past Presentations & Webinars

iCLATs Essentials - What is it? How does it work? Why now? When does it work best?"

     *Click Here for the Slidedeck from the Presentation.  (March 2020)

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iCLATs - Don't Wait for Your Charitable Deduction 

     Presented to: 10th Annual Planned Giving Symposium

for the Planned Giving Council of Northeast Florida (Feb 2020)

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Benefits of Integrating Charitable Planning in Your Advisory Practice   

     Presented to: 2019 UFAN Exclusive Gator Gathering (Sept 2019)

          (iCLAT content found on pages 11 to 22)

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Compelling Planning Ideas for New Era of Charitable Planning 

     Presented to: Estate Planning Council of NE Florida (Sept 2019)

 (iCLAT content found on pages 7 to 19)


Current Tax Savings Based on Promise to Give in Future - Meet the iCLAT  

    Presented to: Tax Wise Conference-Community Foundation of South Lake (Mar 2019)

(iCLAT content found on pages 6 to 18)


Key Charitable Giving Concepts in This New Era for Charitable Tax Planning  

     Presented to: Tallahassee Regional Estate Planning Council (Jan 2019)

(iCLAT content found on pages 4 to 13)


Key 2018 Tax Law Changes & Timely Charitable Planning Ideas to Share

     Presented to: Southern Union Conference of The Seventh-Day Adventists (Nov 2018)

(iCLAT content found on pages 4 to 12)


Income Tax Pain Point Relieved with REVERSIONARY CLTs

     Presented to: 2018 AiP National Conference-Nashville (May 2018)

(iCLAT content found on pages 6 to 26)